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Divorce is more than just the paper work

Divorce should be fair, family first and future focused. Despite your best efforts, your personal life may have disintegrated to a point where you feel hopeless and helpless. The countless fights and your partner’s stubbornness may have left you feeling deflated and defeated.

You may struggle with your day-to-day demands because of this emotional roller-coaster that just doesn’t seem to stop. The anger and disappointment may cloud your better judgement. As expert divorce attorneys, we’re here to help.


Divorce Agreement Guidelines

Divorce agreements enable spouses to leave the marriage and build new lives in a wholesome and fulfilling way.

They set out guiding factors including the type of marriage and details of any ante nuptial contract entered into prior to the marriage, and confirm the divorce settlement, including:

  • Maintenance payments to be made to a spouse or for children
  • Guardianship, custody and access to children
  • The division of assets including the home
  • Arrangements regarding medical aid and retirement plans and other relevant matters

The agreement can also provide guidelines for other issues that are important to the couple, for example how they will divide or continue to operate a business they are both involved in. It allows the couple to clearly define how they will divide, structure and conduct previously shared aspects of their lives in the future.


Types of divorce in South Africa

There are essentially three ways to get divorced in South Africa. The types of divorce procedure profoundly effects the practical matters of how long the divorce procedure will take and how much the procedure will cost.

The three types of divorce include:

  • Uncontested divorce
  • Mediated divorce
  • Contested divorce

The longer and more contentious the divorce process, the greater the negative impact on the family’s mental and emotional wellbeing.


Divorce with children

The relationship with your spouse is complex, and requires a divorce attorney who is both discreet and professional. Through mediation and family law, we will help you safely negotiate the split and secure visitation rights that are in the best interests of the child.

The idea of consulting with a divorce attorney could leave you feeling apprehensive and disillusioned. You must act quickly and responsibly to avoid children being caught in the middle.

For healthy closure, your needs and the lifestyle of your children must be protected by putting a reasonable maintenance in place.


Child maintenance

Under South African law children have the right to receive financial maintenance. Both parents, whether married or not, are required to provide financial support for a child.

Maintenance amounts must be negotiated and finalized according to the Maintenance Act 99 of 1998 and the Children’s Act 38 of 2005. Parents are obliged to pay for their children’s upbringing. Their respective payments depend on how much each earns.

The amount paid to the primary caregiver is based on the monthly earnings of each parent and the cost of the child’s education, care and upbringing. Maintenance orders are orders of the court. Failure to meet their obligations is a criminal offence.


Cheating and infidelity

When one member of a married couple strays and commits adultery, their cheating can be an important factor in divorce proceedings. Technically speaking, adultery or infidelity is committed when a married person voluntarily engages in a sexual relationship with a person who is not their spouse.

Even though South African courts view divorce proceedings as a “no fault consequence” with each spouse treated fairly in a non-judgemental way, a divorcing spouse can institute proceedings against a third party as part of the divorce case. This is termed “alienation of affection”.

For example, a wife can sue her husband’s mistress for “alienation of affection” for active persuasion to entice the husband away from the wife, and leading him to break his marriage vows.

Suing a third person and proving them responsible for the dissolution of a marriage can be very difficult. Factors that need to be considered include whether the marriage was already strained when the affair began, and whether the third person was aware of the marriage. It can be very difficult to prove that a third party was entirely responsible for a marriage breaking down.


How our divorce attorneys can help

We adopt an emotionally intelligent style in advising you about your rights and the responsibilities flowing from your marriage with your partner.

We will always try to resolve any disagreements between you and your partner efficiently. We especially highlight the precise legal options available to you to protect your children, your assets and yourself from unnecessary financial or emotional harm.


We protect your legal interests

Divorce is one of the most powerfully stressful experiences that humans can experience. It has a profound impact on the mental, emotional and physical and physiological wellbeing of all family members.

As divorce attorneys, we can help to keep you safe. We will fight on your behalf, protecting your legal interests with uncompromising dignity.


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