Trademark registration – Intellectual property law

Trademark registration – Intellectual property law

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You may be an ambitious entrepreneur, excited about conceiving a patent, unique product or service with serious promise, and which could make you a lot of money.

You might realise that the best and most responsible course of action is to start a legitimate business, so you’ve investigated registering a company.

You could have come across systemised ways of registering online or through your bank, and in your haste have decided to go this quick and cheap route.

Or, being careful and diligent, you may take this process more seriously and consult a lawyer about the various forms of business enterprise, their relative pros and cons, and which ultimately best suits your specific business idea.

This is a big step toward your goal of success and financial freedom. However, are you aware that registering an enterprise alone does NOT give you protection to use your business’s name as a trademark? In order to secure your business’s name, you need to complete and submit to government specific trademark registration documents.

You will know that a trademark is a brand name, slogan, logo, or combination of these used in selling your product or providing your service. No-one can copy this unique identity that distinguishes you from your competitors and allows you to build a reputation for your one-of-a-kind business brand. It‘s vital to protect your income when competitors could use your ideas to make money for themselves.

If you’ve thought about the long-term prosperity of what could very well be a popular and lucrative business, you might have a vision of expanding to all major city centres country-wide, and even internationally.

Potential partners could offer to help you run these businesses, and put up a lot of money for the right to use your brand/service in a new area. Securing your future right to sell your trademark, franchising, is a potential way of earning significant profits.

If you’re serious about protecting your business from competitors, and securing your ability to expand, extra caution is advised. Consult with a lawyer who’s familiar with corporate law and process.

On your instruction, we will diligently assist you to determine if your business name/logo is available and fast-track your application to register it as a trademark in compliance with government. Ensuring the proper registration of your trademark safeguards you with taking your business to the next lucrative level.

There’s no sense delaying any longer when we can reduce the risks and secure the future of your business from the very beginning.

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