Bail Attorneys and Criminal Law

Bail attorneys services are required when you have been interrogated, with allegations of committing a criminal offence made against you.

Perhaps you’ve been stopped at a road block: you are being charged with driving under the influence (DUI), and you hear the words breathalyser, blood sample, detention and prison. Shocked, you may panic.

You try your best to stay calm and in control; you don’t want to appear ‘guilty’. You are overwhelmed by fear and anxiety at the possibility that you may be arrested and locked behind bars.


Do you resist arrest, plead your case or remain silent?

Do the law enforcement officers read you your rights, handcuff you, throw you into the back of a police van and take you to the police station? At the charge office they may want to take your fingerprints, search you and lock you behind bars with frightening, would-be criminals.


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Simon Dippenaar is a Bail Attorney, backed by a Medico-Legal Forensic Analyst. SD Law & Associates are trained and experienced in criminal defence and bail attorney applications, with a reputation for handling after-hours bail.

We are available to take your call 24/7 – +27 (0) 87 550 2740


How our bail attorneys can help

Once we have consulted with you, we can represent you at all court appearances as your bail attorneys. We will ensure that your constitutional rights to a fair trial are upheld, in that no unreasonable delays are permitted in the State’s finalisation of any investigations against you.

We take particular care in advising you of your rights, as well as the strength of the State’s case. We always consider alternative dispute resolution / mediation and written representations for you to serve time in a community service programme instead of jail.

Where appropriate and in the interests of justice, we have successfully diverted a number of clients from the criminal process, arranging plea bargains for a less severe sentence, or for charges to be dropped.


Enforce your right

You are innocent until proven guilty and have a constitutional right to legal representation and a fair trial.


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There’s no sense delaying any longer when we can represent you professionally and defend you at trial.

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Best Bail Attorneys in Cape Town

“This letter hereby confirms that bail attorneys Simon Dippenaar & Associates have served as my legal representative when facing charges of assault. I had lost my job and was at the end of my tether. When I first called Mr. Dippenaar he treated me as a human being, not the criminal I had been made out to be.

He is professional in his undertaking of legal representations, and due to my unemployment he was kind enough to arrange a payment plan and represent me at a highly discounted rate. Thank you so much Simon!”

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