Stop being abused by your boss – Labour dispute resolutions

Stop being abused by your boss – Labour dispute resolutions

You may be experiencing serious difficulty with your boss. It may seem that despite all of your best efforts to cultivate and sustain a positive and productive relationship with your superiors, things seem hopeless for reasons beyond your understanding or control.

You may also have been victim to very confusing behaviour, and extreme levels of passive aggressiveness from your boss. You might be feeling anxious and nervous about losing your job, and what will eventually happen to you.

Is your boss calling you names, and wrongfully degrading you or discrediting you to colleagues and clients?

It goes without saying that you do not have to accept this.

You do have legal options available; to help protect you against your employer’s bad treatment or so called victimisation, and other unreasonable treatment.

As attorneys, we are in a position to counsel you on the best possible legal strategy and procedure that you can implement right away, to stop being abused.

Even if you’ve already left your job, give us a call if you feel that you were either unfairly dismissed, or forced to resign. Our Cape Town attorneys can establish very quickly if you were, and if so, we may stand a very good chance of suing your employer for compensation.

There’s no sense delaying any longer whenyou’re being made to feel like a victim by your employer.

Speak to Simon now about how you can put a stop to abuse in the workplace.

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