Forms of business enterprise – Corporate law

Forms of business enterprise – Corporate law

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You may be a young entrepreneur or a seasoned business person about to embark on a new venture or the restructuring of your current business plan.

You might be uncertain about the various business models and structures available to you.

You may have heard of the BBBEE Act, and terminology such as closed corporations or sole enterprises, but be uncertain of your compliancy, and if these have fallen away or may apply to you.

If you follow the news you may already know of the latest business models and structures to take advantage of.

Ultimately, you may be looking to set up a business to protect you in such a way that your personal liability is limited, and your ability to control the business and enjoy profits are maximised.

The last thing you want is for your business to be personally exposed to creditors, or lose control of its ownership and management to competitive or unscrupulous stakeholders. You will want assurance of your right to timeously receive all profits due.

It ‘s vital that you seek legal advice about the pros and cons of the various forms of business enterprise for your specific needs, before you start or make changes in your business.

As qualified and experienced attorneys, we are ideally positioned to help you to be proactive and to protect your interests. By structuring your business in a way that gives you peace of mind from the beginning, you can remain focused on the growth of your exciting venture.

There’s no sense delaying any longer when we can help mitigate any unnecessary breakdowns or losses to you down the road.

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