Divorce Attorneys Cape Town

Divorce & Family Law

Divorce should be fair, family first and future-focused. As expert divorce attorneys, we’re here to help.

Bail & Criminal Law

SD Law & Associates are trained and experienced in criminal defence and bail attorney applications, with a reputation for handling after-hours bail. We are available to take your call 24/7 – 076 116 0623

Eviction Attorney Cape Town


Eviction attorneys are required when you experience serious difficulty with a tenant or if you are a tenant and your landlord abuses your rights. Speak to us to resolve your property dispute as quickly as possible.

Liquor Licences

You need a liquor licence if you want to sell, manufacture or distribute alcohol. You will also need a liquor licence if you are planning to host an outdoor market, party or festival. We’ll help you get your liquor licence approved with little or no delay.

Commercial Litigation

E.g. Where litigation cannot be avoided through mediation, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution process, our attorneys in Cape Town tenaciously pursue litigation across all areas of the law.

Drafting of Contracts

We draft partnership agreements, loan agreements, shareholder agreements, confidentiality agreements and restraints of trade. Find out more about drafting your watertight contract.

Forms of Business Enterprise

Seek legal advice about the pros and cons of the various forms of business enterprise for your specific needs, before you start or make changes in your business.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

If your business is suffering financially, and is being targeted by creditors, speak to us now now about resolving your business concerns.

Labour Dispute Resolutions

Is your boss calling you names, degrading you or discrediting you? We can help protect you against your employer’s bad treatment or so called victimisation, and other unreasonable treatment.

Trademark Registration & Intellectual Property Law

A trademark is a brand name, slogan, logo, or combination of these used in selling your product or providing your service. Speak to our attorneys in Cape Town about safely registering your trademark.


Are you considering the purchase of your first home or an investment property? Speak to our attorneys about actioning your property transfer.

Sectional Title Law

If you live in a block of flats or a complex, as tenant or owner, you may be uncertain of how to go about dealing with the many issues involved in living in a flat, or what’s called a sectional title. Speak to us about sectional title rights, duties and solutions.

Antenuptial Contracts

Getting married? Considering an antenuptial contract? Our legally binding agreements ensure that your interests are protected, whatever the future may hold.

Immigration to South Africa

If you’re looking to make South Africa your home, speak to our attorneys about immigration to South Africa and citizenship.

Magistrates & High Court Practice

We’ll help you recover a debt, repossess property, collect arrear rental or sue for whatever recompense you are due. Speak to our attorneys now if you want to take things to the next level.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Have you been injured in a road accident? We can help you sue for much-needed compensation, either from the government or a third party involved in the accident.

Wills and Estates

If you die without a will your family will face hassle as well as heartache. Speak to our attorneys about drafting a legally binding will.

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‘Very professional Firm. SD Law gave me the information I needed quickly. Can highly recommend them to anyone struggling to get accurate and meaningful information, that will enable you to make decisions and move forward. Thanks again.’

- Sandra

‘The service I received was phenomenal.’

- Ryan

‘Simon from SD Law helped me respond swiftly and decisively to what proved a minor matter for which I'm truly grateful in more ways than one. Simon and his team really went that extra mile and got to the bottom of things rapidly. He responded to my emails almost immediately and gave me the advice I needed. Five stars for Simon and SD Law.’

- Byron – Clear Sky Leds

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