Commercial litigation

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Whether you are new to the world of commerce, or an experienced business person, in order to make a living you will be compelled to enter into agreements or contracts.

Your signature on these contracts can create various rights and obligations for you and those people or companies party to them. Unfortunately, we often don’t read the fine print, or understand the full consequences of terms we rapidly glance over.

When disagreements surface, and even worse, when agreements are broken, serious harm can result. You may fear the consequences and in particular, what might become of your ability to look after your family.

You might feel that you’ve been unfairly treated and want to immediately obtain legal advice on what you can do – to either enforce agreements, or recover compensation. We can counsel you and are experienced in handling disputes between individuals and corporations.

If you need to get serious about protecting your business, your livelihood, or even the welfare of your family who will be affected by your predicament, our attorneys in Cape Town and Johannesburg have the legal expertise to advise you. You may very well have a good case to pursue against someone who has unfairly broken their promise to perform or deliver.

There’s no sense delaying any longer when we can help you recover what is due to you.

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