What are my legal rights when I am stopped at a roadblock? Can I be forced to undergo a breathalyser test or have my blood drawn?


If you’re stopped at a roadblock under suspicion of DUI, you will be breathalysed. In a traditional roadblock, if you’re over the legal limit you will be taken into custody and sent for a blood alcohol test. If the roadblock is a mobile alcohol evidentiary unit, your blood will be tested immediately. If you are innocent you will be released. If you are over the limit, you are more likely to be charged, as you will not need to be transferred to a testing centre, which could result in a lower blood alcohol level due to the delay. You will be allowed to phone a lawyer. If you’re detained, you have the right to consult your lawyer or apply for legal aid if you can’t afford a lawyer. The police must inform you of this right. You may be released on bail or you may be detained until your court appearance. 

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