Can you manage?

  Sectional title law no 4 – The role of managing agents In our occasional series on sectional title law, so far we have looked at the role of the trustees in a complex, the rules for general meetings of owners and the role of the Chair, and financial management and record-keeping. In this penultimate […]

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Trust me, I’m a trustee

The role of trustees in Sectional Title Law You’ve just moved into your first complex. You’re getting to grips with terms such as ‘body corporate’, ‘sectional title scheme’, ‘trustees’, ‘exclusive use’, ‘common property’, ‘levies’, etc. What do they are mean, and how do they affect your daily life in your new home? Or maybe you’ve […]

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Should marijuana be legalised in South Africa?

A very controversial subject – everyone has an opinion and there are many conflicting views. In this article, we’ll outline some background information with special relevance to South Africa.   Marijuana / Cannabis Marijuana, the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, is popularly known as cannabis or hashish, bhang, hemp, kef, kif, charas […]

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