Disinformation – now you can report it

Both disinformation and misinformation can cause harm, but one is intentional Donald Trump may have coined the expression “fake news”, but the concept has been around a lot longer. From free airline tickets offered on Facebook to cures for COVID-19 circulating on WhatsApp, unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably been the recipient […]

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Lockdown is hard on everyone

Lockdown is hard on everyone, but it’s self-evident that it is harder on some than others. Those who live in cramped, unsanitary conditions, those who live with a violent partner, those whose income has dried up – they all have it far worse than those of us working from comfortable homes. We are very careful […]

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Lockdown legal update: Parents win court bid to fetch children in another province

Two Cape Town parents, who are divorced, have won legal permission in court to travel in the father’s Land Rover to fetch their young children in a different province, to relieve their struggling grandparents. The story involves elderly grandparents, doing their utmost to care for their grandchildren – while both suffering medical difficulties themselves – […]

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Use lockdown time wisely – make a will

Why right now is a good time to make a will The current crisis is affecting different people in different ways. Some are having a great time, enjoying the break from work, cooking nice meals, drinking wine, and watching a lot of Netflix. Others are getting on with work, a bit disorientated by the lack […]

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