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COVID-19 In South Africa: Socio-Economic Impact Assessment

We have covered the COVID-19 pandemic, as it relates to South Africa and the issues that concern South Africans, since the lockdown was first announced on March 27th. We have reported on gender-based violence, the alcohol ban, evictions, and the overall impact on economic prosperity. This report from UNDP on the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 […]

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Lockdown is hard on everyone

Lockdown is hard on everyone, but it’s self-evident that it is harder on some than others. Those who live in cramped, unsanitary conditions, those who live with a violent partner, those whose income has dried up – they all have it far worse than those of us working from comfortable homes. We are very careful […]

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Lockdown legal update: Parents win court bid to fetch children in another province

Two Cape Town parents, who are divorced, have won legal permission in court to travel in the father’s Land Rover to fetch their young children in a different province, to relieve their struggling grandparents. The story involves elderly grandparents, doing their utmost to care for their grandchildren – while both suffering medical difficulties themselves – […]

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Time to hit the “pause” button on evictions?

By Eviction Lawyers South Africa Mar 24, 2020 COVID 19, Eviction news, Eviction notice, Evictions Elsewhere in the world legislation is ensuring tenants don’t lose their homes due to COVID 19. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about. COVID 19 is making everyone anxious for their health. Although the vast majority of patients […]

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Caging the Viper: COVID-19 and South African Law

Cape Town Law Firm

By Simon David Dippenaar The State President’s announcement of a state of national disaster to deal with the Corona Virus pandemic, on 15th March 2020, will allow extra-ordinary measures, such as the closure of ports of entry, primary and secondary schools and the prohibition on gatherings of more than one hundred people. In such a […]

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