Forfeiture of pension benefit

Forfeit pension

When is a spouse not entitled to half a pension on divorce? A recent case challenged the matrimonial property regime “out of community of property without accrual”, because on divorce a wife was unfairly denied a share of assets she had helped to accrue through her unpaid contribution to the household (raising children, building her […]

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Rule 43 and Muslim divorce

Muslim R43

Where law and culture intersect Muslim marriage has been in the news recently. In June 2022, the Constitutional Court declared the Divorce Act unconstitutional because it failed to recognise Muslim marriages that have not been registered as civil marriages as valid marriages. Parliament was ordered to rectify the legislation to comply with the Constitution within […]

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Making your escape

Planning for the future after leaving an abusive relationship Key points: Establishing a support network: The role of friends, family, and domestic violence support organisations Safety precautions when confiding plans Using prepaid phones and alternative internet access to maintain secrecy Legal considerations: Prioritising legal aspects, such as obtaining protection orders and understanding custody rights Securing […]

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Breaking chains: understanding the complex barriers to leaving an abusive relationship

Let 16 Days of Activism this year be the last you spend in an abusive relationship Abusive relationships take many forms. We have written about the dynamics of abusive relationships and the signs of abuse. Abuse may be physical, emotional/psychological (gaslighting, controlling you), sexual, financial (restricting your access to funds or your ability to work), […]

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Signs you are dealing with a narcissist

Living with Narcissist

Should I stay or should I go? Recognising narcissistic personality disorder and making an informed choice about your relationship Even the healthiest of relationships have their challenges, because humans are complex creatures and our emotional states are not always in sync with our partner’s. If you suspect your partner is a narcissist your situation may […]

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Vary a divorce order

Vary divorce order

Why and how to vary a divorce order When you divorce, the divorce order is a final and non-negotiable legal document…or is it? Are there circumstances in which you might want to vary a divorce order? And is it allowed in law? The answer to both these questions is “yes”, but certain conditions apply.  Divorce […]

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