Witnessing a will

Wills - general witness

If you sign as a witness to a will, make sure you know these facts   These are sad times. Almost every day we hear of the passing of someone well known from COVID-19. And there are many more people who have lost loved ones who don’t make the news. Although the vaccination programme is […]

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Divorce and your will

A little-known section of the Wills Act can have serious consequences The High Court of the Western Cape recently heard a case challenging the constitutionality of Section 2B of the Wills Act. The wording of the Act itself is confusing, so we’ll try to explain it in simple terms. If you are going through a […]

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Use lockdown time wisely – make a will

Why right now is a good time to make a will The current crisis is affecting different people in different ways. Some are having a great time, enjoying the break from work, cooking nice meals, drinking wine, and watching a lot of Netflix. Others are getting on with work, a bit disorientated by the lack […]

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ConCourt to rule on ‘absolute right’ of inheritance

Freedom of testation – this article from Times Live raises an interesting debate surrounding the primacy of a will versus the constitutional right to equality. We await the Constitutional Court’s ruling… Private wills – as opposed to charitable trusts – are considered sacrosanct, not only in South Africa but the world over. As long as […]

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Appointment of a curator

A practical guide to selecting and appointing a Curator Bonis The ability to make decisions can be impaired because of diminished mental capacity, resulting from a variety of things, requiring the appointment of a curator. Sometimes the impairment is permanent, such as intellectual disability, brain injury or disease, dementia (Alzheimer’s) or incapacity related to ageing. […]

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Will you secure your family’s future?

I’m young – why should I make a will? Wills deal with the distribution of assets after death, so most people think of them as an end-of-life issue. Why would someone in the prime of life want to think about what happens after their death?

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