BREAKING NEWS: Court finds lockdown regulations invalid and unconstitutional

The recent South African high court judgment regarding lockdown regulations is welcomed. Government must be held to account by the judiciary. This is the hallmark of a healthy functioning constitutional democracy. The Constitution remains supreme. All regulations must be checked and balanced in accordance with it. Ministers, you’ve been legally checked! SD This article is […]

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How much do attorneys charge for evictions?

How much do attorneys charge for evictions? The overall eviction costs depends on the facts, and the attorney’s approach. An experienced and ethical attorney, should first try to negotiate a successful eviction through pre-court mediation. This can be done if the attorney can persuade the tenant to leave voluntarily. An experienced eviction lawyer needs to […]

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Appointment of a curator

A practical guide to selecting and appointing a Curator Bonis The ability to make decisions can be impaired because of diminished mental capacity, resulting from a variety of things, requiring the appointment of a curator. Sometimes the impairment is permanent, such as intellectual disability, brain injury or disease, dementia (Alzheimer’s) or incapacity related to ageing. […]

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Criminal record? Wipe it clean

Make a fresh start If you have a criminal record, no matter how minor the offence, your chances of getting a job are slim. But there is good news. If it’s been 10 years or more since the conviction, you can apply to have your criminal record wiped clean. This is known as “expungement”. What […]

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Wounding Words

by Simon David Dippenaar As children, we were raised hearing the old adage that ‘sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but words can never harm one.’ However, one soon comes to the stark realisation that this is not actually true. This is particularly so, for example, when one considers all those that have committed […]

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