Cryptocurrency and your will

cryptocurrency and your will

What are the implications of cryptocurrency for estate planning? Cryptocurrency and decentralised finance (DeFi) are relatively new financial planning tools. Available data indicates that cryptocurrency investors are fairly young. For example, a global study by Gemini, conducted by the Harris Poll in 2021, suggested the average age of cryptocurrency investors worldwide was 38 years old. […]

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Trusts and maintenance

Trust-to-trust: Is a trust an option to ring-fence a maintenance obligation upon divorce? Reprinted from, by Phia van der Spuy – 2021-11-04 A trust has various uses. A trust is a useful tool to utilise in a divorce settlement whereby a divorce settlement can be transferred into a trust and be applied for the […]

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Trusts – frequently asked questions

Trusts FAQ

Trusts are useful legal entities for financial and estate planning – frequently asked questions about trusts A trust is a useful financial planning tool, but many people are confused or daunted by the thought of setting up a trust. This article answers the most frequently asked questions by clients about trusts. 1. What is a […]

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3 disadvantages of a trust you may not be aware of

Disadvantages of a trust

Considering a trust? Consider these 3 disadvantages first In a trust, assets are held by the trustee/s for the beneficiary or beneficiaries, on the instructions of the owner of the assets. There are many advantages to holding assets in a trust. But are there any disadvantages? While the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages, there are […]

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7 advantages of holding assets in a trust

Advantages of Trusts

Trusts are a way of protecting assets What is a trust? A trust is a legal arrangement to protect assets and ensure they are managed or distributed as the donor (the person who owns the assets) wishes. The donor gives the trustee the right to hold title to the assets for the benefit of a […]

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Register a trust – 10 documents you need

How to register a trust

How to register a trust – the procedures and costs involved A trust is a legal arrangement to protect assets and ensure they are distributed according to the wishes of the donor/founder (the person or entity who owns the assets). The donor gives another party, known as the trustee, the right to hold title to […]

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