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Women tell men how to make them feel safe after Sarah Everard disappearance

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You may have heard the shocking story of Sarah Everard, a London woman who went missing and was later found dead, a police officer arrested on suspicion of her murder. She was walking home from a friend’s house around 9.00 in the evening, an act that should be perfectly safe (in London, if not in […]

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Rape prosecutors in England and Wales given new advice over dating apps

Nude selfies and use of such apps should not be taken as ‘blanket consent’, says CPS Reprinted from the Guardian, by Caelainn Barr – 2020-10-19 Dating apps like Tinder have come out on top of conventional dating websites like, at least among those under 35. As users exchange intimate photos and messages before even […]

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Joburg Mayor Makhubo calls for stern action against GBV culprits

Reprinted from – 2020-08-19 The City expects law enforcement agencies to take stern action against perpetrators of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), all the while guaranteeing protection for victims. It is incumbent on law enforcement officials to create safer conditions that ensure female victims reporting cases of violence against male perpetrators are not re-victimised. These are […]

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It is ‘all men’, to varying degrees: men’s violence against women is a systemic crisis

This article was written by the executive director of White Ribbon Australia, part of a global social movement working to eliminate gendered violence. Replace “Australia” with “South Africa” and everything he says is equally true of our society. Inequality is so deeply embedded structurally that men and women alike see nothing wrong with mother-in-law jokes […]

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Coercive control – here’s what it looks like

We’ve written about coercive control previously. If you’re still unsure what behaviours can be classed as coercive control, this article from the UK Guardian tells one woman’s story. Sally Challen was convicted of murdering her abusive husband and sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment in 2011. Last year her conviction was overturned. Her son, David Challen, […]

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16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children

Violence against women in the workplace – time for it to stop! 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children runs from 25 November till 10 December each year. In fact, the 25th of November is specifically observed as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, an initiative started […]

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Netflix “Unbelievable”…is all too believable

“Shows with traumatic plotlines are shifting the national debate” The Netflix mini-series, Unbelievable, may be an American production, but its story is resonating with women all over the world. Conversation has turned to a discussion of Unbelievable in  Cape Town and Johannesburg bars and coffee shops more than once recently. What is your view of […]

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Sexual harassment – Misconduct that plagues a workplace

  Sexual harassment is making headline news worldwide. Just how pervasive this is has been highlighted in recent months as women across the world speak out for the first time, as the #MeToo campaign gains momentum.

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