Festive season driving

Blood alcohol

Don’t drink and drive! It’s December. Thank goodness for that. Everyone is tired. This year, unlike the past two years, we are free from Covid-19-related restrictions such as lockdowns, beach closures, curfews, and alcohol bans. Life has more or less returned to normal. Let’s not allow that to mean a return to high rates of […]

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Non-payment of traffic fines

Traffic fines

Can you be arrested? Can you be arrested for non-payment of traffic fines? There is a lot of confusion around AARTO – the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act. It was declared unconstitutional and invalid by the Pretoria High Court in January, but the Road Traffic Infringement Agency warned that it remains valid until […]

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Roadblocks, road safety, and December tips

Stay safe this festive season It’s December, and Omicron notwithstanding, South Africans are beginning to celebrate the festive season. The public holiday on the 16th of December will herald the annual leave season, and drinking and driving will once again be an issue.  Curfew This year there are a few new factors to keep in […]

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Roadblocks? Don’t panic!

Roadblocks may be set up for a variety of reasons, and many daytime roadblocks are designed to check drivers’ licences, examine the roadworthiness of vehicles, and chase up unpaid fines for motoring offences. But it’s the ones at night that set our hearts racing when we see the blue lights up ahead.

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