What is the Land Court Bill?

Land court bill

We take a closer look Land reform is a much-debated issue in South Africa. No one (well, almost no one) disputes the urgent need to right some of the wrongs of the past regarding land ownership, to advance transformation. However, the ways and means of achieving this reform are not always full agreed upon. We’ve […]

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Sex, porn and toxic masculinity: the struggle to bring up better boys

Two new books and a film suggest young men need compassion and support to tackle their adolescent alienation We’ve written previously about toxic masculinity, #metoo, and gender-based violence and discrimination. This article from the Guardian, by Vanessa Thorpe, 2020-03-14, reviews several new attempts to redefine modern masculinity. The views expressed are not necessarily those of […]

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Big blow for Vodacom, MTN as CompCom orders data cost cut

South Africans pay far too much for data, and challenger networks Cell C and Telkom are unable to make a dent in the duopoly held by Vodacom and MTN. Given that many South Africans do not own laptops or tablets and rely on cell phones for internet access, a feature of modern life that is […]

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Gender pay gap – alive and kicking

Women are still not paid equally for equal work Last year during Women’s Month the world was focused on the Harvey Weinstein case and the #metoo campaign, which emerged in the wake of a parade of women coming forward with harrowing tales of sexual abuse and sexual harassment at the hands of Weinstein and many […]

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Klein Akker Evictions – update

300 people made homeless in “legal” eviction Activists and concerned citizens are outraged at the treatment of residents on Klein Akker farm in Kraaifontein. In an act of eviction that is legal but nonetheless inhumane, 300 poor and vulnerable occupants have seen their homes demolished before their very eyes and left by the side of […]

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Wounding Words

by Simon David Dippenaar As children, we were raised hearing the old adage that ‘sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but words can never harm one.’ However, one soon comes to the stark realisation that this is not actually true. This is particularly so, for example, when one considers all those that have committed […]

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