Domestic workers’ rights

Domestic worker

Compensation for work-related injuries There are 869,000 domestic workers in South Africa, comprising 5.2% of the population, as at the end of March, 2024. Many of us rely on domestic workers to relieve us of the burden of cleaning our own homes, looking after our children, and perhaps cooking our meals. For many workers, women […]

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Land Court Act

Land Court Act

After many revisions, the Land Court Act is finally enacted The Land Court Bill has been occupying legislators for some time now. Last year, it was finally enacted and became the Land Court Act No. 6 of 2023. The Land Court Act is an attempt to right some of the wrongs of the past, and […]

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Selling property without consent of spouse

Selling property without consent

Whose duty is it to check consent has been given? When couples are married in community of property, which is still the most common matrimonial regime in South Africa, both spouses are equally responsible for the management of their joint estate. Therefore, certain transactions require consent from the other spouse and both parties need to […]

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Cabinet has approved these four new laws for South Africa

SA gets new laws

Four new laws have been approved by Cabinet, to address gaps in South African legislation. This article from BusinessTech explains. Reprinted from BusinessTech – 2022-09-01 Cabinet has recently approved a number of new bills that have subsequently been submitted to parliament, including new legislation which focuses on financial crime, divorce and substances. There are over […]

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How to remove a director who is also an employee

Remove Director

Different laws apply, even if only one individual is involved Most of the time, the management team of a company and the board of directors succeed in working together for the good of the organisation. They do not always agree, and the role of a board is to  govern and ensure accountability. Occasionally, the relationship […]

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Non-payment of traffic fines

Traffic fines

Can you be arrested? Can you be arrested for non-payment of traffic fines? There is a lot of confusion around AARTO – the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act. It was declared unconstitutional and invalid by the Pretoria High Court in January, but the Road Traffic Infringement Agency warned that it remains valid until […]

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ConCourt Recognition of Muslim Marriage a Victory for Women and Children’s Rights

ConCourt Muslim Marriage

Reprinted from Mondaq, by Aslam Moosajeeand Shenaaz Munga – 2022-08-03 On 28 June 2022, the Constitutional Court, in Women’s Legal Centre Trust v President of the Republic of South Africa and Others, held that the non-recognition of Muslim marriages infringes upon the rights of Muslim women and their children to dignity, equality, access to courts and the best interests […]

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