Bletchley Declaration – saving the world or serving no purpose?

Bletchley Declaration

What the AI Safety Summit and the Bletchley Declaration mean for the future of AI Key Points: Generative AI and large language models (LLMs): Development of generative AI and the use of LLMs like ChatGPT have brought AI into the public spotlight AI risks include: Factual error (e.g., “hallucinations”, or made-up sources) Disinformation and manipulation […]

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Cyber extortion

Cyber Extortion

What you need to know about cyber extortion Have you received emails with subject lines such as “Please can we work on this project?” or “Your abandoned fund at King Shaka Airport, Durban”? Hopefully you’ve got a spam folder set up and your email server automatically redirects these fraudulent emails. Unless you check your spam […]

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Crypto currency industry seeks legal skills

Crypto lawyers

Attorneys are flocking to the crypto industry as it matures and manages its regulatory obligations In the US, the crypto currency industry is ramping up its legal presence, poaching attorneys from law firms and other crypto companies, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. We see this as good news for the […]

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Cybercrimes Act 2020 and data messages

Cybercrimes Act

What it means for your privacy Cybercrime is on the increase in every aspect of life. Hardly a day goes by without a news item about the latest ransomware attack. But there is one type of cybercrime that is decidedly egregious. Cyber abuse, particularly when it involves bullying, disclosure of intimate images, or threats of […]

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Cybercrimes Act 2020

What does the new Cybercrimes Act 2020 cover? We wrote recently about the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). The need for such privacy legislation came about because of the explosion in electronic storage of personal information  over the past two decades. Historically, personal information was held mostly by financial services companies, in paper records. […]

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