Vaccinating children

Nurses hesitant to vaccinate children without parental consent, saying ‘They’re way too young’ Although there are some who are unsure about whether or not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, data shows that vaccination against the disease reduces the risk of becoming seriously ill if one is infected. Furthermore, while the vaccine does not guarantee 100% […]

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To jab or not to jab?

Image of a woman receiving a vaccine injection

Is mandatory vaccination constitutional? Are you vaccinated against COVID-19? While we all long for the national state of disaster to finally be lifted and life to get back to normal, and vaccines are the only viable way for that to happen without a long wait for the virus to exhaust itself, many people still have […]

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COVID-19 vaccines and your rights and responsibilities

A woman who has been vaccinated

What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine The government announced on Friday (16 April) that the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) is open for those over the age of 60. Vaccination of healthcare workers is ongoing and, though incomplete, will continue concurrently with the next phase of the roll-out. Registration is underway, but […]

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Re-adjusted Alert Level 3: Here’s what is changing from today

Reprinted from Business Insider SA – 2021-02-01 You may have listened to the President’s speech or you may have heard the news elsewhere, but as lawyers we’re very fond of the notion of “the avoidance of doubt”. So, to that end, here is the lowdown on the re-adjusted Alert Level 3 rules as featured in Business […]

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Evictions in Alert Level 2

What is the state of play regarding evictions? Hurrah! We made it to Alert Level 2! The drinkers and smokers will be particularly happy, but so will the gym-goers, those with family in another province, everyone who wants to see their friends, and…landlords. Landlords? Not so fast. There is some relaxation of the rules governing […]

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Women’s Day in a time of COVID-19

What has COVID-19 shown us about women and leadership? Women’s Day in South Africa commemorates, as everyone knows, the historic march on the Union Buildings in 1956 by 20,000 women in protest against the discriminatory pass laws of the day. The march, which was entirely peaceful and included half an hour of standing in complete […]

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