Contract disputes

Contract Dispute

When promises in contracts fall short: a legal perspective A contract dispute is a conflict or disagreement between parties. Disputes occur when there are differing views or claims regarding the terms, obligations, or rights outlined in the contract. Some of the most common causes of disputes include ambiguity in the terms used – vague or […]

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Unfairly dismissed?

Unfair dismissal SA

The law is very clear on when dismissal is considered unfair. What can you do about it? South Africa’s Labour Relations Act (LRA), like all of our legislation post-1994, aims to protect the rights of all parties, ensuring no discrimination or bias and maintaining a balance of power between stakeholders. Workers’ dignity and rights, so […]

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Application to compel

Application to compel

What is an application to compel and when would you use one? Are you going through a hostile divorce and your spouse’s attorneys are not being completely transparent in the discovery phase? Do you think your employment has been wrongfully terminated but your employer is withholding documents you need to make your case? In these…and […]

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I’ve been subpoenaed – what now?


Understanding the subpoena process in South African law Have you been summonsed to appear in court (subpoenaed) and give evidence in a trial? If so, you may be frightened, or at least a bit anxious. As lawyers, we attend court all the time. It’s a familiar environment for us. But we know that for the […]

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White collar crime is not victimless

White collar crime

White collar crime can do as much damage to society as violent crime Commercial crime, also called “white collar crime”, is often called a victimless crime, because it is not perpetrated against an individual. But it is anything but victimless. And with more and more of our lives conducted online, along with the growth in […]

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Joint venture agreements

Joint venture

What are the key considerations when setting up a joint venture?  You own a business. You have a great idea for a new product or service but you don’t have all the skills, resources, or expertise needed to bring your idea to market. Rather than going on a lengthy (and potentially expensive) recruitment drive, you […]

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Breach of contract – legal implications

Suffer breach of contract

What remedies are available if you suffer a breach of contract? If you run a business, you may contract suppliers to deliver goods or services to you. Or you may be contracted to provide a service to your customers. In all likelihood, you do both. But you don’t have to be a business owner to […]

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DAOs – decentralised autonomous organisations


Are DAOs a flash in the pan or a serious alternative corporate structure? “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” “Nothing new under the sun” has become a cliché, but did you know it comes from the Book of Ecclesiastes in […]

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Commercial property eviction law

Commerical tenant

What you need to know if you own or rent commercial property If you’re a business owner, it’s very likely you either own or rent a commercial property. Whether you are landlord or tenant, you need a solid understanding of commercial eviction laws to protect your rights and interests. Commercial property is not governed by the […]

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