Unmarried fathers’ rights and responsibilities


This Father’s Day/Youth Day, we reflect on fatherhood and young fathers Father’s Day coincides with Youth Day this year, and this provides an opportunity to reflect on the role…some would say plight…of young fathers, over 90% of whom are unmarried and not living with the mother of their child, as well as on the rights […]

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Guardian of your universe

Guardian Child in Will

Why you need to appoint a legal guardian for your children in your will If you have children, you need a will. If you die without a will, this is known as dying intestate or in a state of intestacy. Nearly 75% of South  Africans die without having a valid will. If this happens, your […]

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(Un)married with children?

Unmarried with children custody in South Africa

What are the rights and responsibilities of unmarried mothers and fathers? We’ve written a lot about the rights…and responsibilities…of parents in the event of divorce. As divorce attorneys, you would expect this of us. But SD Law is not just a firm of divorce lawyers. We are family lawyers. And families come in all shapes […]

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Do children benefit from divorce?

Image depicting a mother and daughter

It may sound odd, but children can benefit from their parents’ divorce Much has been written about the damage caused to children by divorce, but is there another side to the story? Are there ways in which children benefit from divorce? Experts believe they can and do. Let’s look at some of the ways divorce […]

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“I co-parent with my ex, but he threatens me and expects sex”

It’s time to free yourself from your manipulative former husband, says Mariella Frostrup Reprinted from the Guardian – 2020-09-06 This reader’s dilemma from the UK’s Guardian newspaper caught our eye. It is not uncommon for divorced co-parents to continue in an emotionally dependent and unhealthy relationship. The constant contact of raising children can make it […]

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Lockdown legal update: Parents win court bid to fetch children in another province

Two Cape Town parents, who are divorced, have won legal permission in court to travel in the father’s Land Rover to fetch their young children in a different province, to relieve their struggling grandparents. The story involves elderly grandparents, doing their utmost to care for their grandchildren – while both suffering medical difficulties themselves – […]

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