Bletchley Declaration – saving the world or serving no purpose?

Bletchley Declaration

What the AI Safety Summit and the Bletchley Declaration mean for the future of AI Key Points: Generative AI and large language models (LLMs): Development of generative AI and the use of LLMs like ChatGPT have brought AI into the public spotlight AI risks include: Factual error (e.g., “hallucinations”, or made-up sources) Disinformation and manipulation […]

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How AI is changing contract review and due diligence

AI contract and DD

Artificial intelligence complements but does not replace the lawyer’s job We’ve written a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) in recent months. We’re not alone. The internet is awash with articles and blog posts about AI. Some are informed and technically sound; others are purely opinions. Many are both! AI is new, though not as new […]

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