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To jab or not to jab?

Is mandatory vaccination constitutional? Are you vaccinated against COVID-19? While we all long for the national state of disaster to finally be lifted and life to get back to normal, and vaccines are the only viable way for that to happen without a long wait for the virus to exhaust itself, many people still have […]

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Co-parenting: joint decision-making for your children

Navigating co-parenting decision-making for major decisions When a married couple with a child or children divorces, they may both hold parental responsibilities and rights for their child. In many circumstances, they may each act without the consent of the other. This often happens when the child’s primary residence is with one parent, who is then […]

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Customary marriages

Married under customary law South Africa

Hayi bo! Are we married or not? Most couples know if they are married. They have held a wedding and invited friends and family, often at great expense. Or they have taken two witnesses and visited their local Department of Home Affairs for a simple ceremony. There should be no uncertainty about the answer to […]

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Stop corruption – whistleblowing without worry

Whistleblowing and corruption in South Africa

Protected disclosures South Africa is ranked 69th out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s Corruption Index. Our score is 44 out of a possible 100 – 100 being very clean, zero being highly corrupt. So while many countries score lower than South Africa, 69th is nothing to be proud of. New Zealand and Denmark share […]

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Why there is nothing to celebrate this Women’s Day

COVID and gender inequality

COVID-19 has set back gender equality by 25 years South Africa celebrates national Women’s Day on 9th August every year, not to be confused with International Women’s Day on 8th March. It’s interesting to note that the date of 8th March was chosen because it marks the day when women in Soviet Russia began protesting […]

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(Un)married with children?

Unmarried with children custody in South Africa

What are the rights and responsibilities of unmarried mothers and fathers? We’ve written a lot about the rights…and responsibilities…of parents in the event of divorce. As divorce attorneys, you would expect this of us. But SD Law is not just a firm of divorce lawyers. We are family lawyers. And families come in all shapes […]

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Witnessing a will

Wills - general witness

If you sign as a witness to a will, make sure you know these facts   These are sad times. Almost every day we hear of the passing of someone well known from COVID-19. And there are many more people who have lost loved ones who don’t make the news. Although the vaccination programme is […]

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International child relocation

International child relocation South Africa

Can I relocate overseas with my child and new partner?  The thought of travelling anywhere right now is little more than wishful thinking, but the pandemic won’t last forever. Italy has declared itself mask-free and low-risk, and fans lining the roads at the Tour de France are mostly not wearing masks, France having reached a […]

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Online business reviews – don’t be a victim

Online Business Reviews

How to deal with false or libellous online business reviews For years, large corporates treated their customers like playthings. Consumers have suffered exorbitant bank charges, uncompetitive cell phone rates, and exploitation in all manner of goods and services because, unless they banded together and became a collective voice, they were powerless against the might of […]

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Guns and gender-based violence

Guns and gender-based violence South Africa

Guns and gender-based violence – what’s the connection?  Does widespread use of guns contribute to a violent culture in general, particularly with regard to women? In other words, is there a connection between guns and gender-based violence? Experts believe there is, and gun control has – finally, some might say – become a priority for […]

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