‘Being a trustee is often a thankless job which requires hard work when trying to enforce the Code of Conduct rules in a complex. This often leads to conflict when those who are in breach of the rules harass trustees. Simon’s thorough knowledge and experience with the Sectional Act and enforcement of Code of Conduct rules assisted trustees in our legal matters. He was not only willing to take on our matters on short notice, but he also put us at ease with his sincere emotional support. I would recommend Simon as an attorney to any Body Corporate experiencing problems with unreasonable owners and tenants – trustees being harassed by owners and tenants.’

Owning or living in a unit in a block of flats may be challenging. You may have to deal with nuisance neighbours, as well as trustees vigilant about the enforcement of the complex’s code of conduct and house rules.

As a tenant or owner, you may be uncertain of how to go about dealing with the many issues involved in living in a flat, or what’s called a sectional title. You might feel too afraid to stand up for yourself, simply because you don’t understand your rights.

You could be dealing with a tenant who refuses to pay you rent on time, and who just doesn’t seem to reply, meaningfully anyhow, to your many phonecalls and e-mails demanding payment. Understandably, you may even have reached the stage where you’ve had enough and need to evict your troublesome tenant.

As property and eviction attorneys, we can efficiently assist you in suing your tenant for arrear rental, and if need be, in evicting them.

In addition to assisting owners, we can also advise trustees, the body corporate of the block of flats, on their rights and responsibilities. We understand that as a trustee, you may struggle to get to grips with what’s expected of you. But there’s no need to remain in the dark about your powers, or to shoot from the hip, pretending to know what to do or not to do. We can advise you on your duties, decision making and how to go about convening and conducting meetings. We can guide you through having the house/conduct rules changed, and understanding how to enforce them.

At times you might be very concerned about the financial aspects affecting your block. There might be owners who are way behind in paying their levies. As attorneys, we can also assist you with the collection of arrear levies from owners. There is no need for the entire complex to suffer because one or two defaulters fail to contribute to its upkeep.

There’s no sense delaying any longer when we are here to help you effectively manage your sectional title issues.

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