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Are you considering the purchase of your first home or an investment property? You may feel overwhelmed by the many options offered by all the estate agents out there.

When you finally find your dream home, or that bargain property, you’ll need to move quickly to secure it.

Most important to you may be the terms about paying a deposit to your estate agent, the date you expect to take ownership of the property, and the conveyancer who will be appointed to take care of all the legalities involved.

An estate agent will help you sign a deed of sale, containing all kinds of provisions.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller of property, you would be best advised to be very careful about the agreements that you sign. It would also be wise to ensure that the property is transferred into your name by a reliable and experienced conveyancing attorney. Too often parties to a property transaction blindly sign deeds of sale without fully understanding them, nor do they realise that they have a say in which conveyancer registers the property on their behalf.

Often conveyancers have their secretaries do most of the work. These conveyancers then slavishly sign off on documents that may not meet the legal requirements for successful registration. We would never delegate conveyancing tasks to non-qualified members. We ensure that only professional and qualified staff members carry the responsibility, and keep you regularly updated and in the full picture on the transfer/registration of your property.

We manage transfers selectively so that we are confident of keeping a constantly close professional eye on your property transfer from A to Z.

We take special care in explaining the terms of any deeds of sale to our clients. We want you to be crystal clear about your rights and responsibilities, and to have realistic expectations about when you can move into your property, or begin to make money from it. We’re ideally positioned to help you realise your rights in terms of your deed of sale, so that your property is registered without any unnecessary delay.

Cape Town law firm Simon Dippenaar Law & Associates use the latest conveyancing software technology on the market, GhostConvey, to assist with registering your property in your name, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

There’s no sense delaying any longer when we can help to fast track the sale of your property.

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