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Your wishes to be joined together in a sacred union may be clouded by concern and confusion over what legal aspects need to be tied up.

How will your relationship be affected if there is an imbalance in expectation about rights and freedoms?

Would your partner be immediately entitled to 50% of your assets, investments and properties? And equally, would they be accountable for 50% of any debt you might have or incur?

Are you worried you will appear untrusting and feel guilty if you voice your queries about ante nuptial contracts (pre-nups) and community of property?

We are specialists in the area of matrimonial law and can give you both objective and unprejudiced advice to clear up any doubts. Discretion and compassion underwrite our every decision.

How do you respectfully refer to your beloved in a professional context? What name do you sign and which documents and contracts might you need to update?

Our attorneys can clearly list and explain areas that will need to be addressed, and help you to tick them off efficiently.

Our legally binding agreements ensure that your interests are protected, whatever the future may hold.

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There’s no sense delaying any longer when we can quickly assist you with processing any legal paperwork.

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