Liquor Licence Applications

Liquor licence - Liquor Licence

‘Embarking on a new liquor license application for a new microbrewery is a daunting, lengthy and ofttimes bureaucratic nightmare. Entrusting this to Simon Dippenaar and Associates ensured that it was a swift, hassle free and affordable process – I received my license timeously and could start trading three months earlier than I had planned.’

If you sell, manufacture or distribute liquor, you need a liquor licence. You will also need a liquor licence if you are planning to host an outdoor market or party.

Certain liquor licence criteria, for example, extended trading times, are province- and even municipality-specific. We take the guesswork out of complicity and can keep you updated on any changes in legislation.

If you’ve made structural alterations without the permission from the Presiding Officer of the Liquor Licensing Tribunal, you may be in violation of liquor law. Building alterations and extensions can land you severe penalties, heavy fines and even jeopardise your licence if the correct channels haven’t been followed in obtaining prior consent.

Do you make application in your own name if your liquor-vending outlet is a Trust? Do you know what certification you’re required to display, how and where? Are you covered to trade on Sundays?

Food and Beverage outlets have a lot on their plate with managing patrons, staff and service. Season can be particularly stressful and you may not have gotten around to renewing your licence. Is there a grace period? Would you need to suspend sales until you’re organised an updated licence?

We thrive on knowing the ins and outs of liquor law compliancy, and can brief you fully on what’s expected of you as a restaurant, hotel or club owner.

There’s no sense delaying any longer when we can quickly assess your premises, flag any concerns and assist you in addressing them.

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